Betting on France to Win Rugby World Cup 2023

Betting on France to Win Rugby World Cup 2023

Betting on France’s Rugby World Cup odds for 2023 is a good idea. This dynamic team won their first Six Nations title since 2010, winning 25-13 on Super Saturday to complete the Grand Slam. While a lot can happen between now and next year’s World Cup, “Les Bleus” appear to be in a better position in September 2023.

But are France’s 2023 Rugby World Cup odds a bit steep? Is it worthwhile to back the French this far out? Let’s take a look at where Fabien Galthie’s men stand, the odds for France 2023, and the teams they’ll be up against in their pursuit of the Webb Ellis Trophy.

Odds for the 2023 Rugby World Cup

  • France+225
  • +250 New Zealand
  • England+600
  • +600 South Africa
  • Ireland+800
  • Australia+1000
  • Wales+2000
  • Argentina+4000
  • Scotland+4000
  • Japan+15000

France’s odds of winning the 2023 Rugby World Cup have been updated following their Six Nations victory.

I’ve been looking through some of the top rugby sites, with Rugby World Cup 2023 odds at the forefront of my mind. The All Blacks are now the favorite to win the tournament, according to top rugby betting site OKBET

Interesting? Without a doubt. But was it unexpected? I don’t think so. If I come across as arrogant — having already taken France’s odds to win the Rugby World Cup — it’s because I am.

Over a year ago, I argued that France’s Rugby World Cup odds were very appealing. They were co-favorites at the start of March and have since emerged as the team to beat.

However, this does not mean that the price will not change in the future. So it’s not a crime to wonder if France’s 2023 Rugby World Cup odds are worth it, which they are. Furthermore, I understand if you don’t see them as the real deal right now.

If you have a few minutes, stick with me as I dissect the most recent France Rugby World Cup odds. By the time I finish my argument, you’ll know whether to buy them now or wait. And what the consequences of both scenarios are likely to be.

Can France win the Rugby World Cup in 2023?

The most recent 2023 Rugby World Cup betting odds reflect a variety of factors. The most obvious is that Fabien Galthie’s team has just won the Grand Slam for the first time since 2010. As the Northern Hemisphere champions, expect a large number of people to visit the best rugby betting sites to place their bets.

Second, Galthie has access to one of the most diverse pools of players in the game. This squad, led by 2021 World Rugby Player of the Year Antoine Dupont, will have an average age of 27 when the tournament begins.

They have found the right balance of youth and experience, and it is clear that they can improve.

Guys like Romain Ntamack, Melvyn Jaminet, and Gregory Alldritt have yet to realize their full potential, which is quite frightening.

Worse for rival teams is the French’s depth, with Matthieu Jalibert — another of the leading flyhalves in rugby in 2022 — ready to step up if Ntamack suffers any setbacks.

Another compelling reason to believe France will win the Rugby World Cup in 2023 is the perfect blend and balance of their offense and defense.

Much has been made of Shaun Edwards’ defense mastery, and rightly so. He has converted the once-offensive-crazed Les Bleus to the defensive side of the game. This is a team to be feared, especially with Laurent Labit and the company adding incisive attacking verve.

Another important reason why France is expected to win the 2023 Rugby World Cup is that they will play at home. The French looked much better in front of a home crowd in this year’s Six Nations.

At the risk of sounding corny, the crowd is Galthie’s 16th man and could determine who wins the Rugby World Cup in 2023.

Can France beat the teams from the Southern Hemisphere?

Let’s face it: if you’re betting on France’s Rugby World Cup odds in 2023, you have to ask the obvious questions. Is France capable of defeating New Zealand? Will France be able to overcome South Africa? Could this style work as well when tested by the world’s best rugby teams on the biggest stage?

There is no reason to believe they cannot. France’s latest odds to win the Rugby World Cup are an example.

There will never be a better chance for France to win the World Cup at the first attempt. So it appears. The players are present, and the coaching arrangement is intimidating. They will be playing on home soil, and the squad’s average age is only 27.

France’s odds for the 2023 Rugby World Cup will be reduced if they pass their toughest test against New Zealand in the tournament opener.

France’s Pool for the Rugby World Cup in 2023

  • Zealand of New Zealand
  • France
  • Italy
  • Uruguay
  • Africa is ranked first.

Although this team has been promising big things in recent years, a Grand Slam victory is the ideal way to prove their doubters wrong.

Of course, many fans in the Southern Hemisphere will argue that Galthie’s men are effectively untested until the World Cup. The French bushwhacking of New Zealand in the 2021 Autumn Internationals received a lot of attention, but their match at France ’23 will be the litmus test.

In the same end-of-year series, the Kiwis were soundly defeated by Ireland, though the scoreline ultimately favored the visitors. There was a sense, however, that the Irish, like the French, were not getting the best of New Zealand. These victories tended to occur at the end of the season. Much less so during World Cups.

However, if there is one European team that has consistently outperformed the All Blacks, it is France. Their resurgence contrasts sharply with a drop in standards in Australia. Ominous? Perhaps. But you can’t dismiss the ‘Blacks.

South Africa is in the same boat. The reigning World Cup champions may face the French in the quarter-finals and will not give up the Webb Ellis without a fight.

Is it true that the French are the best in the Northern Hemisphere?

Based on what we saw in this year’s Six Nations, it’s difficult to say no. They didn’t get everything their way, though. While the Grand Slam was well-deserved, it would be naive to claim that no luck was involved. Of course, fortune favors the brave. However, luck is a significant factor that frequently distinguishes Grand Slams from championships.

France will feature prominently in betting picks and predictions for the Rugby World Cup in 2023. The way things are set up for the team will continue until the sport’s showpiece event next year. However, with that comes expectation. Expectation creates pressure. Of course, when the stakes are high, even the best teams can falter.

Although France demonstrated one of the greatest arts in sports, that of winning, I believe Ireland will leave this tournament feeling very positive.

Aside from a narrow loss in Paris, Andy Farrell’s men had a fantastic season. They not only scored more tries and conceded fewer than any other country (24 and four, respectively), but they also finished with five bonus points.

Ireland, a habitual early-peaker ahead of the World Cup, could benefit from France’s attention and accolades. Although there are still Autumn Internationals and another Six Nations to play before we know if France can win the Rugby World Cup in 2023, they are in a strong position.

The Difference Between France and Ireland

France and Ireland have a significant lead over the rest of the Northern Hemisphere teams. England is at sixes and sevens in the attack, despite being capable of beating both on their day. The fact that they have no plan of attack should be concerning for the hopefuls.

England scored three times as many tries as Ireland while conceding three times as many (12). They finished third with a +5 point total. That’s not good. Jones is getting most of the blame for England’s shortcomings, but I suppose they can be thankful that Scotland and Wales were also bad this year.

By losing to Italy on Super Saturday, the Welsh demonstrated that their odds for the 2023 Rugby World Cup are about as appealing as a baseball bat to the nose. Despite coming within a whisker of defeating both France and England, Wayne Pivac’s team became the first to be defeated by the Italians since 2015.

As Grand Slam champions, France is the best team ahead of the 2023 Rugby World Cup. However, Ireland’s impressive campaign means that they cannot be dismissed. There is little separating these two camps, and it will be interesting to see if that gap widens or closes over the next 18 months.

Ireland is currently +800 to win the Rugby World Cup in 2023. That price is appealing in terms of France 2023 betting picks. Particularly given the caliber of youth at their disposal.

Rugby World Cup Betting Tips for 2023

The central question is whether you should bet on France to win the Rugby World Cup in 2023 or wait a little longer.

Of course, making predictions for the 2023 Rugby World Cup this far in advance is dangerous. There are 18 months until the tournament, with many games in between. While France appears to be in good shape right now, there is no guarantee that they will be as fierce when they face New Zealand in the first match.

But it’s a risk you can take if you’re betting on the 2023 Rugby World Cup. Alternatively, you can wait until the big picture hits before committing to Rugby World Cup betting picks.

The benefits of betting early in the World Cup are that you may be able to get better odds than if you wait. Not always, but occasionally. Let’s say you go through the top online betting apps and find odds that make sense. Go for it!

But first, make certain that you have thoroughly considered your options. For example, don’t bet on Wales’ 2023 Rugby World Cup odds simply because they are large. Because of their setup and the crisis the Welsh are experiencing at the grassroots level, backing Pivac’s men makes little sense.

Instead, consider where the value is most likely to come from. It’s all about France’s Rugby World Cup odds right now, but betting on New Zealand to win the world cup might make more sense if they dominate the Rugby Championship.

Most importantly, isolate the teams with proven World Cup winning experience. I’d also suggest looking for odds on the 2023 Rugby World Cup elsewhere. You can, for example, wager on the highest try scorer. It’s more likely that the player who crosses the whitewash the most will be from a team that advances to the next round.

These are just a few things to think about when betting on France’s Rugby World Cup odds or the Rugby World Cup in general in 2023.

I’d be a wuss if I left things there. I mean, I can’t give you advice on how to find the best Rugby World Cup odds for 2023 unless I make some early predictions…

Predictions for the Early 2023 Rugby World Cup – Winners and Losers

So, the first question I wanted to address in this piece is France’s chances in the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

They are not doing it for me, to be clear. It’s not that I don’t think France has a good chance of winning; it’s just that I don’t think the current odds are the best you can get.

Remember that in the Rugby Championship, New Zealand and South Africa will face off against Australia and Argentina. If the reigning champions or multiple-time winners have strong seasons and beat the best of the Northern Hemisphere in the autumn, the odds for the 2023 Rugby World Cup will be in their favor.

Then there’s the 2023 Six Nations, which could make France’s Rugby World Cup odds more appealing. With trips to Dublin and London on the horizon, Les Bleus may not even finish second, let alone complete another Grand Slam.

The bottom line is that there is no betting value for France to win the World Cup in 2023. There will be a flood of bets on the French, cementing Galthie’s team as the favorites for France 2023, as they should be right now.

Things will change, and there will be plenty of rugby to play. At this price, I wouldn’t bet on France to win the World Cup, so I’d wait until the Rugby Championship and Autumn Internationals are over.

I promised you predictions for the World Cup in 2023. So, let us conclude with those.

France to win the Rugby World Cup in early 2023

South Africa (+600) and Ireland (+800) are early value picks for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

Again, a lot of rugby has been played between then and now. But I don’t think the odds on France winning the 2023 Rugby World Cup will be much worse than they are now.

Instead, wait for the Southern Hemisphere teams to demonstrate their worth. France’s track record as a losing finalist is dismal, having reached four finals and losing each one.

Except for 2003, when England won in extra time, Southern Hemisphere teams had won every World Cup. In the past, betting on the Rugby World Cup has rewarded those who bet against northerners. However, 2023 could be an exception to the rule.

At this point, it may make sense to bet on South Africa or New Zealand until we understand the bigger picture. However, if you believe it is time to bet on France, place your bets now.

Keep an eye on our rugby blog for the most up-to-date information on the Rugby Championship, the 2023 Rugby World Cup, the Six Nations, and much more.

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